Naya Kanga

Other names : Ganja-La Chuli
Altitude : 5844 meters, 19,173 feet
Coordinates : N28.1786°, E83.5481°
1st ascent : unknown

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Naya Kanga with NE ridge

Naya Kanga is marvelously situated in the southern flank of Langtang region of Nepal and towering over the South of alpine Langtang valley and holy lakes of Gosaikund. Its fine ridge systems provide superb climbing and spectacular scenery from the summit; you can gaze in wonder at the peaks of the Jugal Himal as a Dome Blanc, Langshisa Ri and at Tibet's highest Shisapangma 8035m.

The normal route of ascent to Naya Kanga is via the NE Ridge over a line on ice and snow. That is the ridge right in front of you.

To reach Naya Kanga we took an unusual approach. Normally people trek through the Langtang Valley to Kyanjin Gomba and then climb up to the high camp of Naya Kanga, which is a little below the Ganja-La pass. Another approach is to trek directly to the Ganja-La from the south, but then you have to cross the pass first.

Tilman's Pass

More information about the Langtang & Helambu section of the Great Himalaya Trail in NepalOur approach was different. We planned to cross a remote and difficult pass: Tilman's Pass (sometimes spelled as Tilmans Pass). Tilman's Pass is not your average trekking pass. First of all it is difficult to find. Virtually nobody crosses that pass nowadays. In our case that meant that the last part of the route was difficult to find. The day before, of, and after the pass there was no trail at all. And also climbing up to the pass was rather difficult, we had to use fixed ropes.

The route across Tilman's Pass is also a leg of the Great Himalaya Trail, a network of existing treks and trails which together form one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world.

It is obvious that we had 2 objectives:

  1. First find and then cross Tilman's Pass (~5300 m)
  2. Climb Naya Kanga (5844 m).

We are happy that we were successful in both.

Tilmans Pass


Otto Marja
We are members of the Royal Dutch Mountaineering and Climbing ClubMembers of the Royal Dutch Mountaineering Organization

Age today:
Age during expedition: 50
Profession: ICT specialist

Otto attempted Aconcagua and Baruntse, and summited Mera Peak (6476 m), Elbrus East Peak (5621 m) and Kilimanjaro (5895 m) as well as some peaks in the Alps. He is also a rock climber, ice climber and snowshoeer. In 2008 he successfully climbed Mount Rainier (4392 m).

Age today:
Age during expedition: 38
Profession: food scientist

Marja attempted Aconcagua, Baruntse and Mera Peak and summited Elbrus East Peak (5621 m). She is also a rock climber, ice climber and snowshoeer. In 2008 she successfully climbed Mount Rainier (4392 m).